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5 Cool Apps to Prevent Texting while Driving

Texting while driving is not dangerous.

You already know this, if through shared sense or since you have been warned by the advertisements and public service announcements which are all around the place nowadays.

Here is the thing, however: texting while driving (TWD) can be very handy, especially as it feels as if you are constantly on the move, and there is always someone else who wants something from you right this moment.

That is why you continue doing this, regardless of the dangers.

There is another risk you might not have thought about, nevertheless.

TWD may also wreak havoc on your auto insurance premium.

Simply check out the video below from NHTSA:

Your insurance fee is based on a intricate formula that attempts to take under account any number of factors: driving background, miles driven, automobile make and model, and much more.

Finally, however, it boils down to one thing: the more likely you should get in a mess, the more you will pay — and also, based on industry estimates, TWD makes you 23 times more likely to enter a collision.

It is reasonable, then, your insurance company would not need you texting as you are behind the wheel.

To”encourage” you to wait patiently till you get into a destination to send that text, then they will increase your rate up if you get busted.

How bad are you going to believe it in your pocketbook in case your insurance company finds out you have been texting?

It is difficult to say, since the punishment may differ from place to place — but consider what they would charge you when you had a history of drinking and driving.

Then consider how a few countries, such as Utah, bulge TWD at the same”inherently irresponsible” class as drinking when driving.

Yeah, it is that bad.

*Y = Yes is on working system.

Why There Is Hope (and How to Use Your Phone to Really Make You Safer If You Push )
For most texters, getting out those messages can appear to be an addiction.

Below are 5 programs which you could use to prevent texting behind the wheel without relying on willpower.

Drivescribe is a superb program to curb driving and texting.

DriveScribe (totally free, Android and iOS) is a program that blocks all texts, emails, and phone calls if you are driving.

Even better, it is going to respond to whoever attempted to contact you, letting them know that you are unavailable right now.

This automatically eliminates one of the biggest reasons why many people TWD — that the requirement to allow other men and women know you obtained their text.

Nowthey know you are not just blowing off them — and you are still able to return to them, when you have gotten (safely) for your destination.

The program is more than only a distraction-blocker, yet.

This program (free, available for Android only) can tell when you reach 10 miles — and, the moment you can do, it closes off all of notifications.

Believe you will still sneak a peek in your phone every now and then, simply to see whether you’ve missed something?

DriveOFF is one step ahead — it displays a static screensaver, which means you’re going to need to wait until you are safely parked to determine how badly your buddies missed you.

The Canary Program give info regarding the requirements of a motorist like texting whilst driving.

Got children that drive? TWD must bother yourself with, given how connected most adolescents are to their own phones.

Together with Canary (totally free, Android and iOS), you cannot just prevent their texting — you could also get advice on how quickly they are driving, where they are going, and much more.

Your teenagers may hate it they can not pull a fast one on you — but you have them home safe.

If a passenger wishes to send a few texts, that is fine — they are able to pass the eye verification test.

The world’s biggest community established traffic and navigation program.

Waze is not a text-blocking program, but it’s another helpful function.

Since lots of texts are of those”Where are you?” Variety, Waze permits you to send friends real time info about where you are and how much time it is going to take you to access to them.

By shutting down one of the most frequent texting scenarios before it begins, Waze makes it a lot easier to throw your phone from the passenger seat without another thought.

Only Quit Texting
Whatever you finally do to prevent texting, the main issue is that you just quit.

In the event the prices do not frighten you off, think about this: police estimate that as many as 6,000 deaths are due to texting motorists each year.

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