Additionally, it has been discovered that some girls wouldn’t tell the entire truth and nothing but the truth is talking to their insurance company. Whether that is exactly the same with guys or not it’s hard to state, but surely there seems to be a little’gamesmanship’ or’gameswomenship’ happening when promises are made.

Insurer Liverpool Victoria at the united kingdom has discovered that a fantastic number of girls do worry about others they let push their automobile — like their mother or their very best friend!

The additional maintenance that girls take of the car can be found from the number of automobiles which have titles. Calling your automobile’Henry’ or”Gerald’ might appear a bit absurd to some but also the excess care this trend shows is a great sign of why insurance companies offer lower costs for girls that are trying to get a competitive premium.

Up to now, there are particular companies (or individually branded branches of much larger companies) which are set up to advertise to women exclusively, for example Sheilas’ Wheels, Diva Car Insurance and Diamond Car Insurance offering such specials as handbag insurance.

These companies then compete with one another in addition to the mainstream insurance companies to provide the very best bargain for women seeking auto insurance. Obviously, like everything, the devil is in the detail and also the coverage gaps may explain why you’ll be being billed a bit more or a bit less with this coverage or that.